The Newbridge Treatment Model

We are a national centre for children and young people with eating disorders. We have a broad resource of specialist treatments and support to affect deep and lasting change.

Read about the Newbridge Treatment Model: all we do and how it works together

Help with Eating Disorders

Our specialists have developed a wide range of factsheets about anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating, to explain how to get help and what to do if you are worried about yourself, your child or a friend. Find out more about eating disorders

Messages from young people and parents

We receive many letters and cards from the young people and families we work with, after they move on from Newbridge House. They are immensely meaningful to us and show how closely young people their families and our staff work together to affect change and reach recovery

Read more messages from young people and parents

Newbridge films

Someone said I was fat

We have developed a film with some of the young people we have treated with the aim of preventing eating disorders and helping young people to discuss body image and challenging emotions

Newbridge in ITV eating disorders campaign

Newbridge House is proud to be involved in a moving, personal campaign to raise awareness of eating disorders.

How do I get eating disorders treatment?

What does eating disorders treatment involve? Dr Tony Winston, Consultant Psychiatrist at Newbridge House, addresses these questions.

How do I know if a child has an eating disorder

How do I know if my child has an eating disorder? Professor Hubert Lacey, Medical Director of Newbridge House, addresses this common question.