Exciting work to extend and enhance facilities at Newbridge House is progressing on schedule for completion by the middle of this year.

These photographs show the scale of the extension which will provide a wide range of new therapeutic facilities and additional space.

It will create four new therapy rooms, two one-to-one rooms, a new meeting room, an additional lounge and an additional classroom.

The high quality design will be therapeutic and age appropriate – with a distinctive pyramid-shaped glass atrium to optimise natural light, raised roof lights, under-floor heating and solar panels.

There will also be enhancements of the existing environment, with an extension to the kitchen and the dining room.

Terry Peate, Newbridge House Business Manager who is leading the project, said: “The extension is something we are very excited about, but we are also acutely conscious of the need to avoid any impact on our existing services and the environment for our young people.

“We worked closely with the contractors right from the start of the planning phase to ensure the building work would be undertaken with great care to avoid disruption. I have been very pleased and impressed with the way this has been followed.

“The phases are also a great help – we are currently at phase two, which involves the work outside the main Newbridge House building. Only once this is completed, will the work move to the main building and we will then have the facilities available for use within the extension, therefore avoiding any loss of space.

“There has been much interest from families and health professionals in this work. We are always very happy to arrange for people to visit Newbridge House, to see our facility and see the ongoing development of our extension.”

There will remain a good-sized garden area – the large amount of garden space at Newbridge House allows the service to undertaken this extension while still maintaining beneficial green, outdoor space.