Care quality and planning are praised in the latest inspection of Newbridge House, which also finds key standards in recruitment, training and safety are being met.

The Care Quality Commission visited Newbridge House in March, 2013 to assess five key standards.

Their report includes many positive views from young people at Newbridge House and their parents. For example, one relative told inspectors: “I have no concerns and if I did, I am very confident they would work to address it with us.”

Another reflected the same confidence in the service, saying: “I have no concerns at all. It is very good here. They explain everything very well.” A young person in treatment told inspectors: “Everyone is respectful here.” The report finds key standards in staff recruitment and training, medicines management, the care and welfare of people using the services and complaints procedures are all being met.

Action needs to be taken in terms of consent as inspectors identified a lack of consent process for room sharing and the need for a policy to support young people who are under the Mental Health Act and lack capacity for consent. Rachel Matthews, clinical manager, Newbridge House, comments: “We welcome the findings of this report, particularly the positive comments from our young people and their families and the feedback about the strengths of our care planning and delivery.

“We have acted on the feedback that our consent forms and processes need to reflect additional issues, such as lack of capacity to consent and issues arising outside the care plan, such as room sharing.”