Newbridge House is regularly noted for high nurse staffing levels which are well above the minimum levels.

The core service always operates at a ratio of at least one member of staff for every two patients at all times during the day. The core service involves providing support to young people during meal times and throughout the day. The people providing this service include nurses, healthcare assistants and occupational therapists.

“During inspections and more informal visits, other professionals often comment on our high ratios of staff to young people,” says Natalie Maley, acting clinical manager, Newbridge House.

“We always operate with high staff numbers because this allows us to provide the consistent, holistic support our young people need and respond to challenges quickly and effectively.

“High staffing levels allow the service to work optimally. Staff have good time for handover, so there is a clear understanding of all issues at changeover and key workers have the time and space to work effectively on a one-to-one basis.”

The Newbridge standard of at least 1:2 patients to staff during the day compares with the national QNIC (Quality Network for Inpatient CAMHS) recommended ratio of 1:3

Night time ratios at Newbridge House are also always above minimum levels, with average of at least 1:4, with additional staffing at key times such as handover and bedtime.

Therapists are additional to these core staffing levels. Newbridge House has also been praised for having a wide range of specialist therapists, with five psychiatrists, a five-strong psychology team, full-time dietitian, two family therapists and a counselling psychologist.