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Someone said I was fat, a short film featuring young people who have been treated at Newbridge, is included in a leading university training programme.

The Institute of Digital Healthcare at the University of Warwick has produced an online programme, called Understanding Eating Disorders, for teachers.

It is designed to help frontline professionals recognise the signs of eating disorders and understand how to get the right help for young people.

In the programme, Professor Caroline Meyer, psychologist and Head of Education at the Institute of Digital Healthcare gives participants comprehensive guidance in eating disorders, covering key research findings and evidence.

She believes teachers and other frontline professionals have an important role in identifying eating disorders and ensuring there is early intervention and effective treatment. But without clear training and guidance, teachers can lack confidence in terms of what to do if they are concerned a pupil may have an eating disorder.

The Newbridge film, Someone said I was fat has been included in the training programme because of the insight it provides on how eating disorders develop, from the perspective of young people themselves.

The film features four young people, female and male, who were treated at Newbridge House. They are not identified but they speak about how their anorexia developed in terms which are readily recognisable to young people and teachers.

More information about the University of Warwick eating disorders training programme can be found here.