Dr Sloane Madden Anorexia Mastercalss

We are pleased to announce that the next Newbridge House Master Class will take place on Monday, March 14, 2016, led by Australian psychiatrist Dr Sloane Madden.

Dr Sloane Madden is widely recognised for his expertise in the management of child and adolescent eating disorders, early onset and the neurobiology of eating disorders. He is the Eating Disorder Service Co-ordinator for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and co-director of The Eating Disorder Service at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, Australia.

This will be the seventh Newbridge House Master Class; a series conceived by Newbridge’s medical director, Professor Hubert Lacey (pictured). The principle is offering a free day of training for eating disorders professionals led by internationally recognised clinicians and researchers. Newbridge House staff train together with professionals from other inpatient and community services and commissioners, bringing together many specialists to share and reflect on their experiences.

This Master Class will take place at Fairlawns Hotel, Streetly, near Birmingham, which is located close to Newbridge House, running from 10am to 3:30pm. To register your interest in attending Dr Madden’s Master Class, please contact Amanda Deakin by email on Mandy.Deakin@newbridge-health.org.uk

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