CQC Outstanding Newbridge

Newbridge House has been rated as outstanding in a highly positive report by the Care Quality Commission.

The top rating was awarded in recognition of the service’s many strengths, including high quality of care, facilities and staff morale, together with commitment to research and outreach.

An outstanding rating is a rare accomplishment. During the past month, in inspections of all types of care providers, the CQC has given just 21 outstanding ratings. There were 852 providers rated ‘good’, 368 ‘requires improvement’ and 87 as inadequate.

The Newbridge CQC report states: “Patients and parents were overwhelmingly positive about the care and treatment provided by Newbridge House. They said they could not praise the service highly enough and were equally positive about the staff.”

The report by the Care Quality Commission, which is responsible for inspecting all health and social care providers in England, was the result of a visit to Newbridge House for two days in January 2016.

The team of inspectors spoke to Newbridge staff, young people, parents, received feedback from commissioners and observed all activity on the unit.

They considered five questions: are services safe, are services effective, are services caring, are services responsible, are services well led.

Inspectors concluded: “We rated Newbridge House as outstanding because Newbridge House was committed to research, innovation and public education in the field of eating disorders. The company had invested heavily in developing learning materials, tools and programmes to help the wider community learn about eating disorders in children and young people.

“The company had invested in, and was responsive to the needs of its staff. As a result, staff morale was good. Managers listened to staff and provided them with additional resources when they asked for them.

“Newbridge House was a safe, comfortable, modern and suitable facility for patients.

“Staff provided high quality treatment and care. Different professionals worked well together to assess and plan for the needs of patients….To aid their recovery, patients had access to a wide range of specialist psychology and occupational therapy led therapies.

“Staff ensured that patients and parents were fully engaged. The service routinely sought patient, parent and staff feedback. They made changes to reflect feedback.”

Other areas cited as reasons for giving an outstanding rating were: Newbridge’s good track record on safety and management of risk, understanding of all key legislation, staff recruitment, relationship with commissioners, leadership of the service and their responsiveness to their staff. “Managers and staff were continually looking for ways to improve outcomes for patients,” the report concludes.

Professor Hubert Lacey, medical director of Newbridge House, commented: “We are extremely proud of this report. Receiving an outstanding rating is, of course, a huge achievement and equally, it is heartening to see in the report a great understanding of the many different components that make up our service and all that we do. There was recognition for our commitment in research to building the knowledge base about eating disorder treatment and praise for our work in advocacy and engagement, which goes far beyond our core service into the wider community.”

Rachel Matthews, clinical manager of Newbridge House, commented: “This report is a tribute to all the very dedicated, caring staff in our service. They inspectors recognised staff morale is good, the many different professional groups work really well together and we are a responsive, open management team. Everything we do and achieve comes from our staff and their knowledge that they are supported, valued and we are all working to the same goals.

“I would also like to thank the parents and young people who spoke to inspectors: what you have said about our service is the most rewarding feedback we could ever hope for.”

The CQC report can be read in full here: https://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-120679072