Dr Ulf Wallin

The eighth Newbridge House Masterclass is being led by Swedish specialist in multi-family therapy, Dr Ulf Wallin.

Dr Wallin, who has been widely published internationally and runs a service in Lund, Sweden, will describe the development of multi-family therapy and the Nordic experience.

He will discuss how to develop a therapeutic “hothouse” for intense treatment, where immediate change is possible. The model can be used in both inpatient and community settings. Dr Wallin will also explore how to engage siblings and the wider network and will share research findings on what families find helpful.

The concept of the Masterclass series is having a forum where internationally renowned specialists share their research and clinical experience. Training is free and together with staff from Newbridge House, places are offered to people working in eating disorders services across the UK.

Previous Masterclass speakers have come from Australia, Norway and leading services and universities in the UK. Themes have encompassed: mentalisation, eating disorders nursing, male eating disorders, treatment for acute anorexia in non-specialist settings and the application of research findings to clinical practice.

The Masterclass series was praised in the recent report by the Care Quality Commission, published in April 2016. Newbridge House was awarded the highest “outstanding” rating.

Dr Wallin’s Masterclass will take place on June 15 at Fairlawns Hotel, Aldridge. Places are already allocated; each Masterclass is oversubscribed and places are offered to allow for broad representation of different types of services, professional groups and geographical regions.

If you work in an eating disorders services and are interested in being notified of future Masterclasses, please email administrator Mandy Deakin: Mandy.Deakin@newbridge-health.org.uk

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