Beat ED Charity Visits Newbridge House

Trustees from the UK’s eating disorder charity, Beat, visited Newbridge House to find out more about our service, which is currently the only one of its kind to achieve an “outstanding” rating.
Beat is a highly respected charity which is at the forefront of the drive to improve awareness of and treatment for eating disorders.

Newbridge House Medical Director, Professor Hubert Lacey is a Beat trustee and charity colleagues came to visit for the day, meeting many patients and staff.

Melanie Smith, one of the group of trustees, commented on the visit: “Our time yesterday was, without question, the most useful time I have spent as a Beat trustee. I am now significantly better informed about the issues facing sufferers and what best practice looks like in treatment.

“I was also tremendously impressed with your collective and individual determination to keep finding better and better ways to support and treat your young people.

“I was reminded frequently during the day of one of my favourite proverbs in Maori: Whāia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe me maunga teitei

“It means: if you set your sights on reaching the sky, even if you don’t make it, at the very least you will have climbed a lofty mountain.”

Newbridge House is currently the only child and adolescent inpatient eating disorder service with an outstanding rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Their report, published in April 2016, noted the overwhelmingly positive views of parents of patients and the very good staff morale at Newbridge.

Beat trustees were given a tour of the unit led by patients, shown the new electronic patient record system, followed by presentations on Newbridge’s unique group programme and practical body image approach. There were also presentations about the occupational therapy programme, dietetics and nursing.

Professor Hubert Lacey said: “All of our staff who presented to and spoke with the trustees did their professions proud, with their inspiring and informative presentations.

“Every one of them has played their part in driving the treatment at Newbridge to the highest international standard. I particularly like the ethos of reflective practice, audit and research which is embedded at Newbridge; the way staff constantly question and measure what they do in order to better understand the relationship between treatment and outcomes.

“However, the real stars of the day were the young people who volunteered to show around the trustees. The trustees said they were informative, personable and warm and particularly commented on how confident they were.”