Dr Tony Winston

Newbridge consultant psychiatrist Dr Tony Winston has worked with the BBC in the development of an informative programme about diabetes.

In his post with Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust, Dr Winston established the first clinic in the country for people with both an eating disorder and diabetes.

Dr Winston explains the little-known interaction between diabetes and eating disorders in the programme for BBC Inside Out (West Midlands), which was first broadcast on October 24.

“We suspect that a lot of people with diabetes also have an eating disorder which has not been diagnosed,” Dr Winston explains in the programme.

“If you have diabetes, you are more likely to develop an eating disorder; we think your risk of doing so is at least doubled.”

Dr Winston then explains that one reason for this may be linked to the fact that diabetes necessitates a greater emphasis upon food intake, combined with that fact this it is stressful to have diabetes. The interaction of these two factors may precipitate an eating disorder.

Recognising the distinct needs of this group of people, sometimes called ‘diabulaemia’, Dr Winston established a specific service for them at the Aspen Centre, which is part of Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust.

“We recognised that to help people with diabetes and eating disorders, we need a team of professionals who understand enough about both sides of the coin.

“It is great to see people leaving the clinic with their eating disorder under control and their diabetes well managed and getting on with their lives,” Dr Winston concludes in the programme.

The BBC Inside Out film is available to view for a limited time on the BBC iplayer: Click here to view.

Dr Winston also appears in this film for Newbridge explaining how to get eating disorders treatment: https://www.newbridge-health.org.uk/2010/11/11/how-do-i-get-eating-disorders-treatment/

Like other Newbridge clinical staff, Dr Winston combines his NHS role with his Newbridge work, harnessing a broad resource of experience and specialist expertise.