CQC Outstanding Newbridge

Newbridge House has been praised as an “outstanding example” in a comprehensive review which shows our service is one of just ten in the country to achieve the top rating.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) report states Newbridge House is one of just ten services out of a total of 275 inspected who were awarded an outstanding rating.

Among services like Newbridge, called inpatient child and adolescent units, Newbridge was one of three (out of 54) to achieve the outstanding rating.

The review, which analyses the findings of inspections of all English mental health services between 2014 and 2017, demonstrates how few achieve the highest rating.

Among 54 NHS trusts providing mental health services, just six per cent were judged to be outstanding. The figure was even lower for the 221 independent mental health services (of all types) like Newbridge who are commissioned by the NHS: only three per cent achieved an outstanding rating.

The work and strengths of Newbridge House are highlighted in the report, entitled State of care in mental health services, 2014 to 2017, together with two other flagship mental health trusts.

Professor Hubert Lacey, Medical Director of Newbridge House, comments: “We were absolutely delighted to receive our outstanding rating last year. This review demonstrates the scale of that achievement: it provides, for the first time, a complete picture of all mental health services, enabling us to benchmark ourselves.

“It shows how few services reach the very demanding standards required to receive the highest rating: only Newbridge and two other child and adolescent children’s services have done so. We are among the three per cent of all independent mental health services to achieve this.

“Every single member of our highly skilled and committed staff should feel very proud of their part in this impressive achievement.”

The CQC report states that the vast majority of people working in mental health services are caring. The other key ingredient required for outstanding care, the report suggests, is outstanding leadership.

It states: “When we analysed a number of inspection reports, we found six key themes that contributed to a rating of good or outstanding for well-led: leadership, a clear vision and set of values, a culture of learning and improvement, good governance, quality assurance, and engagement and involvement.”

The CQC review features Newbridge House as an outstanding example, including extracts from the summary finding of the 2016 inspection:

“Patients and parents were overwhelmingly positive about the care and treatment provided by Newbridge House. Patients felt safe there and knew how to complain if they were unhappy. They understood their care and treatment plans, and had been involved in developing them.

The company invested in, and was responsive to the needs of, its staff. As a result, staff morale was good. Staff provided high-quality treatment and care. Different professionals worked well together to assess and plan for the needs of patients. Staff used specialist tools to assess the severity of the patients’ eating disorder. To aid their recovery, patients had access to a wide range of specialist psychology and occupational therapy led therapies.”

Read the Newbridge House CQC Inspection Report April 2016 in full