European Council on Eating Disorders (ECED)

Newbridge’s clinical manager is leading a session at a prestigious conference bringing together eating disorders professionals working throughout Europe and beyond.

Rachel Matthews is speaking at a debate considering consent in eating disorders treatment, together with Túry Ferenc from Budapest, Hungary.

The meeting is the European Council on Eating Disorders (ECED) conference, which is taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 7th to 9th.

The ECED was established in 1986 by Professor Hubert Lacey to bring together people working in eating disorders across Europe to share dialogue, research and discussion. The ECED today has more than 750 members.

Professor Lacey, who is medical director of Newbridge House, said: “This is a very prestigious international meeting with leading speakers from across Europe. Newbridge is proud to be part of it; we all gain from sharing our experience and hearing the perspectives and models used elsewhere.”

Taking place in Lithuania, it will be the first meeting of the ECED in a country which was once part of the Soviet region and it is an opportunity for eastern and western Europeans to reflect on service and cultural differences in eating disorders treatment.