Newbridge House specialists are playing a key role leading lectures and discussions at a prestigious eating disorders conference.

The 5th Eating Disorders International Conference (EDIC) is taking place at Imperial College London on March 28 and 29, hosted by the national charity Beat.

Specialists from Newbridge House are featured throughout the programme, with themes encompassing: carer involvement in treatment, new approaches to treatment and improving eating disorder services.

Professor Hubert Lacey, Newbridge director of research and medical adviser, commented: “This conference is a biannual event which we are always delighted to support, contribute to, learn from and share experiences with the international community of eating disorders professionals.

“It is particularly pleasing that Newbridge is featured throughout the conference programme, underlining the breadth of our research work and the esteem in which our service is held.

“Newbridge will be expertly represented by members of the nursing team, occupational therapy team and the psychology team.”

Newbridge House presentations (short papers and posters) at EDIC will include:

  • Do meal preparation and social eating sessions really help young people in an inpatient setting?
  • The Newbridge Prognosis Score, evaluating the effectiveness of a prognosis tool based on patient and family progress in an inpatient eating disorder unit
  • Does practical body image with mirror exposure improve body image and acceptance of a healthy weight?
  • Does group cognitive behavioural therapy for self-esteem in adolescent inpatients support improvements in self-esteem?
  • Adapting the Loughborough eating disorder activity programme LEAP for a child and adolescent eating disorders unit: introducing Junior LEAP
  • Food neophobia and anorexia nervosa: proposed research aims to identify if there is a significant relationship between food neophobia and anorexia nervosa
  • Autobiographical memory flexibility: a possible target for therapy in anorexia nervosa

Rachel Matthews, Hospital Manager at Newbridge, who is leading two of the conference sessions, said: “One of our core principles at Newbridge is that everything we do is measured, evaluated and refined. The presentations we have at EDIC reflect the range and depth of this work which is enthusiastically championed by our staff of all professional groups.

“EDIC is an event we are always pleased to be involved with; we are delighted to support Beat and to come together with eating disorders colleagues nationally and internationally for a very thoughtful and broad ranging programme.”