Distinct units for different age groups

How we meet the needs of young people of different ages and different stages of treatment

Newbridge House has distinct, self-contained units where children and young people are cared for with others of similar age.

Those aged 14 and under are in “The Nest”. This is a facility with lounge and dining room shared by younger patients, which means they can watch age appropriate television and films and be with others close to their own age.

Young people aged 14 and above are cared for in the main lounge and dining room of Newbridge, also allowing for age appropriate activities.

If a young person is 14, the decision on whether they are in The Nest or Main House depends upon their individual needs and characteristics and the age profile of both groups.

There is also an independent unit, which is the garden extension building at the rear of Newbridge House.

Young people usually move into this unit as they prepare for discharge, depending upon their needs and age. Supported by staff, young people in the independent unit are given a shopping allowance to buy, prepare and cook their own food.

They eat together independently and have a small lounge, preparing for moving back to a home environment and for some, over time, to moving away from home and living at university or independently.


“Having three distinct units within Newbridge is the best way to meet the needs of our young people, both in terms of creating age appropriate groups and also, recognising how needs change as young people progress through treatment and thinking about how we can best prepare them for discharge.”

Rachel Matthews, Clinical Manager, Newbridge