How are our services funded?

Our inpatient treatment programme at Newbridge House is funded by the NHS. This means that all of our patients, aged 12 to 18, have been assessed by a specialist NHS team and subsequently offered a place at Newbridge House, with all the funding for treatment and care being provided by the NHS.

Our service is licensed and overseen by the Care Quality Commission and we work very closely with specialist NHS commissioning teams and local NHS CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) teams.

We are an independent provider commissioned by the NHS – a ‘preferred provider’ of services for Midlands and East Specialist Commissioning Group. It is common practice for highly specialist types of healthcare to be provided by independent organisations working in close partnership with the NHS.

However, please note that we would also be happy to consider privately funded inpatients if this is your preferred route and have recently developed our intensive treatment programme in order to shorten length of stay.

If you need advice about your child including your preferences about where they may be treated, you are welcome to contact us.

We also run a smaller outpatient programme for adults as well as young people which can be insurance or privately funded. In some cases, after NHS funded inpatient treatment at Newbridge House, some patients have been able to continue NHS funded outpatient treatment with us. Funding regulations vary in each area and case by case, but if you contact us we are happy to speak to and advise parents.