Information for Referrers

Referral Information

This referral information has been developed to inform clinicians and commissioners about Newbridge House admission criteria, our referral process, how we communicate with you and work with you from first discussions about assessment and admission, throughout treatment and with continuous discharge planning.

Admission criteria

Our inpatient programme is for young people aged 8 to 18.

As a specialist unit, we are able to treat patients requiring an intensive level of care, including people with a severe eating disorder and people whose previous treatment has failed.

We are able to provide care for patients admitted under the Mental Health Act and those requiring nasogastric feeding.

You are very welcome to contact us to discuss potential referrals and to visit Newbridge House.

Immediate response to assessment request

We are able to respond quickly to requests for a first assessment. We have a team of four consultant psychiatrists who all specialise in eating disorders and this enables us to offer you an immediate response.

Assessments are always carried out by one of our consultant psychiatrists and can be undertaken at Newbridge House or an appropriate setting. We recognise that eating disorders can be life-threatening and can offer emergency assessments to meet patient needs.

Communication with local services throughout treatment

We maintain close links with local services and commissioners throughout treatment.

We will provide progress reports as frequently as you wish and arrange case conferences at your request. We recognise that every individual patient is different and referrers have their own preferences about communication during treatment.

We are committed to communicating with you in a way that meets your needs and build effective relationships with commissioners and local services.

Close involvement in discharge planning

A close partnership between the specialist provider and local services is central to discharge planning and preventing relapse.

Working with you, we will develop a plan for gradually rebuilding links with home and community.

Our emphasis is upon enabling each individual to safely return to their home life, with appropriate support from local services.

We will remain in communication with you and are happy to provide support if required after you have taken over responsibility for your patient.