Newbridge CQC Outstanding Rating

Newbridge House is rated as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

This is the highest possible rating, based on evaluation of five questions: five questions: are services safe, are services effective, are services caring, are services responsible, are services well led?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is responsible for regulating and inspecting all healthcare providers. Their inspectors visited Newbridge House in January 2016 and their report was published in April 2016.

In their report, which can be read in full, there was praise for the high quality of care and facilities at Newbridge House, the staff morale and training programme, together with commitment to research and outreach.

Achieving the highest rating of outstanding is very rare for a healthcare provider. The chart shows the ratings the CQC gave in April 2016, when the Newbridge inspection was published. Newbridge House is one of just 1.5 per cent of services that achieved an outstanding rating. In school inspections, by contrast, 20 per cent currently achieve outstanding.

Inspectors concluded: “We rated Newbridge House as outstanding because Newbridge House was committed to research, innovation and public education in the field of eating disorders. The company had invested heavily in developing learning materials, tools and programmes to help the wider community learn about eating disorders in children and young people.

“The company had invested in, and was responsive to the needs of its staff. As a result, staff morale was good. Newbridge House was a safe, comfortable, modern and suitable facility for patients.

“Staff provided high quality treatment and care. Different professionals worked well together to assess and plan for the needs of patients.”

Inspections carried out in April 2016

The Care Quality Commission carried out a total of 1,359 inspections of healthcare providers. They were rated as follows:

“Patients and parents were overwhelmingly positive about the care and treatment provided by Newbridge House. They said they could not praise the service highly enough and were equally positive about the staff.”

CQC report on Newbridge House, April 2016

Read the report here