Our Staff

For the effective treatment of eating disorders, an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of specialist staff is vital.

This section profiles the highly experienced specialists working at Newbridge House, including their background, training and the role they undertake. More information on each person is available by clicking on their name and title.

Emma Blackburn

(Lead Nurse)
Lead Nurse, Newbridge House Emma Blackburn is the Lead Nurse at Newbridge House. She has worked at Newbridge for 11 years, starting as a health care assistant during her mental health nurse training ... Read More

Lucy McFadyen

(Clinical Manager and Safeguarding Lead)
Clinical Manager and Safeguarding Lead, Newbridge House Lucy joined Newbridge 11 years ago after completing a degree in Paediatric Nursing. A highly respected and integral member of the nursing team, ... Read More

Rachel Matthews

(Director of Mental Health )
Director of Mental Health, Newbridge House Rachel Matthews is the Director of Mental Health for Newbridge House and has extensive experience of working with young people who have eating disorders. ... Read More

Natalie Maley

(Hospital Director)
Hospital Director, Newbridge House Natalie Maley joined Newbridge House at the start of 2013 as hospital manager. She brings a wealth of experience in child and adolescent mental health services to t ... Read More

Dr Tony Winston

(Medical Director)
Medical Director, Newbridge House Dr Tony Winston is Consultant in Eating Disorders at Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust, where he has developed an innovative inpatient and outpatient eatin ... Read More

Professor Hubert Lacey

(Director of research and medical adviser)
Director of research and medical adviser Professor Hubert Lacey is Professor of Psychiatry at St George's, University of London. He is Director of the St George's Eating Disorders Service in London w ... Read More

Dr Damian Wood

(Consultant Paediatrician)
Dr Damian Wood is a consultant paediatrician with expertise in adolescent medicine, eating disorders and paediatric dermatology. Damian is nationally recognised for work to improve the clinical care o ... Read More

Andrea Ehgartner

(Family Therapist)
Family therapist, Newbridge House Andrea Ehgartner trained and worked as a social worker, then developed her interest in family therapy by qualifying in the specialty. Andrea initially focused upon t ... Read More

Dr Rebecca Trikic

(Counselling Psychologist)
Counselling psychologist, Newbridge House Dr Rebecca Trikic is a chartered Counselling Psychologist registered by the British Psychological Society and Health and Care Professions Council. She specia ... Read More

Dr Christina Pourgourides

Dr Christina Pourgourides is a psychiatrist who is nationally recognised for innovative community outreach work in the management of eating disorders, and previously for her research highlighting the ... Read More