Emma Blackburn

Lead Nurse, Newbridge House

Emma Blackburn is the Lead Nurse at Newbridge House. She has worked at Newbridge for 11 years, starting as a health care assistant during her mental health nurse training in 2009 at Birmingham City University. During her training, Emma worked within many specialist areas of mental health including eating disorders, deaf mental health services, mother and baby services and forensic mental health services. She found that her passion lay within the specialist services and working with young people in particular. Emma completed an undergraduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing in 2012 and gained a post as a staff nurse at Newbridge House.  Within 18 months of qualifying, she achieved the role of Senior Staff Nurse and also returned to university to complete a specialist degree, a BSC (hons) in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nursing. Within this degree, she completed the mentorship program and is a qualified sign off mentor, who supports final year students to gain their registration.

Emma has recently completed the nurse prescribing qualification and is the only nurse prescriber within the Schoen UK clinics. This ensures Emma can support the medical team in providing timely access to medication and reviews. She also works closely with local universities and have been a specialist visiting lecturer in eating disorders for a number of years, providing education and training to student nurses in eating disorders and child and adolescent mental health.

Within her nursing role, Emma works closely with our young people and their families to ensure that they are supported from the moment they are referred and assessed by our service to the moment they are discharged back into the care of their parents and community mental health services. We understand that entering inpatient services can be the most challenging and difficult time of families lives and Emma and the nursing team ensures they are supported, listened to and provided with the greatest care and compassion. The nursing team provide high quality care and support 24 hrs a day to ensure that our young people and families know there is always someone to talk to, day or night. The nursing team provide intensive support, including meal support for all our young people to ensure they are able to work towards recovery. They also provide motivational support throughout young people’s journey to ensure that they help young people keep focused on their goals and future whilst providing a reassuring and friendly face when they are struggling the most. Our young people and families get to know the nursing team very well during admission, which our families have always found really helpful when many of our families living far away from the unit. The nursing team ensure that our families have the highest standards of care, time and support throughout their time with us and make sure that they are involved and part of the treatment and care that is provided to their child.

Other responsibilities of Emma’s lead nurse role are to support the nursing team to ensure that they are trained to the highest standards in this specialist area of mental health. Emma leads the nursing team in training, development and support to ensure that the nursing team are not only trained to the highest standard, but that they are valued and supported so that they can provide the quality and standard of care that our young people and families deserve. The nurses and Health Care Assistants have many years of experience, knowledge and will always ensure that our young people and families are supported from the moment they meet us to the moment they are discharged home.

“I’m extremely proud of the nursing team at Newbridge and feel privileged to be a part of an outstanding service, who have supported so many families over the years.”