Samantha Grigg

Dietitian, Newbridge House

Samantha Grigg is an experienced dietitian with a special interest in working with young people with complex emotional and psychological needs.

Samantha completed her degree in dietetics at Coventry University in 2004, then spent eight years working for the University Hospital of North Staffordshire as a dietitian. During this time, Samantha gained extensive experience in carrying out nutritional assessments, leading clinics and developing individually-tailored dietetic prescriptions and treatment plans.

Samantha joined Newbridge House in 2012, keen to use her professional skills and ability to communicate in the complex area of eating disorders. She produces nutritional prescriptions for every patient at Newbridge, each uniquely prescribed for individual need with every part of the portion measured to ensure consistency and avoid negotiation.

Samantha works closely with the Newbridge House chefs, who prepare all food on the premises, and with the nursing team and occupational therapists who together all support patients to ensure food is accepted and eating becomes normalised.