Focus on emotional regulation at the 12th Newbridge Masterclass

The 12th Newbridge Masterclass brought a focus on emotional regulation and new cognitive tools to support people experiencing difficulties. Delivered by Gerard Butcher, Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin, the training examined the role of self-criticism, shame and guilt in the development and maintenance of eating disorders. “Some people with eating […]

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New cognitive tools to address negative emotions: 12th Masterclass programme is announced

The 12th Newbridge House Masterclass will focus on new cognitive tools which have been demonstrated to effectively address negative emotional states. Gerard Butcher, Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin, will lead the Masterclass, taking place on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019. The Newbridge House Masterclass series is a renowned forum, providing access […]

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Professor Janet Treasure delivers ‘tour de force’ 11th Masterclass

Professor Janet Treasure led a ‘tour de force’ 11th Newbridge Masterclass for delegates from eating disorders services across the UK and Ireland. The focus of the Masterclass was on collaborative care, exploring the formulation of eating disorders and carer self-management approaches. Professor Treasure is internationally recognised for her work at the Maudsley Hospital and King’s […]

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Professor Janet Treasure to lead 11th Newbridge Masterclass on collaborative care in eating disorders

Professor Janet Treasure will lead the 11th Newbridge House Masterclass on July 17, with a day focused on collaborative care in eating disorders. Internationally recognised and widely published, Professor Treasure has authored more than 600 scientific articles and in 2012, was awarded an OBE for her work. Her Masterclass programme will begin by examining social […]

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Newbridge’s tenth Masterclass with Great Ormond Street expert will focus on feeding and intergenerational disorders

Newbridge House’s tenth Masterclass will focus on feeding and intergenerational disorders, led by a leading Great Ormond Street Hospital clinical psychologist. Dr Rachel Bryant-Waugh’s Masterclass will address two main topics: Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) and challenges to child feeding behaviours in the context of maternal eating disorders. The full day educational event will take […]

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Being at our best: Canadian Professor Josie Geller leads ninth Newbridge Masterclass

Canadian Professor Josie Geller led a highly engaging and interactive Masterclass evaluating what makes treatment and clinicians most effective. This was the ninth in the Newbridge House Masterclass series, bringing together eating disorders professionals from across the UK for training with internationally renowned specialists. “I have known Josie for more than 20 years and have […]

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Canadian Professor Josie Geller to lead 9th Newbridge Masterclass: what do effective eating disorders therapies have in common?

We are pleased to announce that our ninth Newbridge Masterclass will be led by Professor Josie Geller, one of Canada’s leading authorities on eating disorders. Professor Geller’s theme for the day will be: what are the key ingredients in eating disorders treatment? What do effective therapies have in common and what is the role of […]

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Newbridge House links up with the University of Warwick to provide medical training

The University of Warwick and Newbridge House already have close links, collaborating on a research project and on a digital initiative to train teachers in eating disorders awareness. Newbridge already offers four to six week placements for medical students from St George’s, University of London and the University of Sheffield, but this will place Newbridge […]

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