Newbridge House links up with the University of Warwick to provide medical training

The University of Warwick and Newbridge House already have close links, collaborating on a research project and on a digital initiative to train teachers in eating disorders awareness. Newbridge already offers four to six week placements for medical students from St George’s, University of London and the University of Sheffield, but this will place Newbridge […]

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Newbridge House is holding an Open Day for nurses on Saturday, October 1, to show what it is like to work in our outstanding-rated service. Demand for our national, specialist service has grown and consequently we are looking for qualified nurses committed to making a difference. The Open Day will provide an opportunity to see […]

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Taking an international view of multi-family therapy: interactive eighth Newbridge Masterclass

Eating disorders professionals from across England, Wales and Ireland came together for a highly interactive eighth Newbridge House Masterclass. The focus for this Masterclass was on multi-family therapy, with the day being led by Swedish specialists Dr Ulf Wallin and Karin Wallin of Psychiatry Skane, Lund. Introducing the day, Professor Hubert Lacey, Medical Director of […]

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We are currently recruiting nurses to work at Newbridge House

Due to a recent expansion in our capacity and ongoing demand for our services, we are currently recruiting nurses to work at Newbridge House. You would be working in a service rated as “outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission (April 2016) and would have an opportunity to take the lead in your areas of interest […]

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Swedish expert in multi-family therapy to lead eighth Newbridge Masterclass

The eighth Newbridge House Masterclass is being led by Swedish specialist in multi-family therapy, Dr Ulf Wallin. Dr Wallin, who has been widely published internationally and runs a service in Lund, Sweden, will describe the development of multi-family therapy and the Nordic experience. He will discuss how to develop a therapeutic “hothouse” for intense treatment, […]

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Newbridge is rated “outstanding” in Care Quality Commission report

Newbridge House has been rated as outstanding in a highly positive report by the Care Quality Commission. The top rating was awarded in recognition of the service’s many strengths, including high quality of care, facilities and staff morale, together with commitment to research and outreach. An outstanding rating is a rare accomplishment. During the past […]

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Key role for Newbridge at international conference

Presentations on body image, outcomes and workshop leadership. Newbridge House clinicians gave presentations and led sessions at the prestigious Eating Disorders International Conference (EDIC) in London in March 2016. The event, organised by the national charity Beat, brings together eating disorders professionals from all over the world and the UK to present research and discuss […]

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Measurement and innovation: seventh Newbridge Masterclass with Dr Sloane Madden

Eating disorders professionals from throughout the UK gathered for the seventh Newbridge House Masterclass with Dr Sloane Madden. Dr Madden, who leads the largest public eating disorders service in Australia, delivered a highly comprehensive and engaging day of training on March 14th. Sessions encompassed: the role of hospitalisation in the treatment of anorexia nervosa – […]

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