The full programme of Newbridge House Eating disorder Masterclass with Dr Sloane Madden is published

The full programme for the seventh Newbridge House Masterclass with Dr Sloane Madden from Australia has been finalised. The day’s training, on Monday March 14th, 2016, will provide a comprehensive overview of recent research and reflection on what this means in a clinical context. Themes for the day will include: outcomes from different treatments, managing […]

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Newbridge House in BBC Radio interview on selective eating disorder

Newbridge House clinical manager Rachel Matthews has been interviewed by BBC Radio about selective eating disorder. Known medically as Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), Rachel explains how to recognise this disorder and how it is treated. The interview for BBC WM morning show was broadcast on Tuesday, January 12. Newbridge House regularly works with the […]

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Major redevelopment unveiled creating age specific eating disorder units

A major redevelopment project has been completed, creating a self-contained Garden House, new administration centre and therapy suite. The two semi-detached houses next to the main house were purchased in 2014 and extensive redevelopment work on the two properties is now complete. This has created significant extra space in the main house and at the […]

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Government and charity leaders visit Newbridge House

Two of the UK’s most influential figures in eating disorders and mental health recently visited Newbridge House. Andrew Radford, chief executive of Beat and Claire Bethel, Deputy Director, Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing at the Department of Health, both came to find out about the Newbridge treatment model. “My visit to Newbridge […]

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Eating disorders Master Class with Professor Caroline Meyer

The sixth Newbridge Master Class took place with Professor Caroline Meyer of the University of Warwick on December 11. The day was focused on mealtimes with eating disordered people and compulsive exercise, with Professor Meyer presenting key research evidence and participants engaging in wide-ranging debate. Professor Meyer, of the Institute of Digital Healthcare at the […]

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Newbridge knitters in Children in Need fundraiser

Young people at Newbridge took part in a collective crochet, together with other activities to raise money for Children in Need. Eight people helped to create a large piece of crochet knitting and many joined in jewellery making. There was a guess the name of the monkey activity and a rainbow theme to all the […]

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“All Eyes are on You”

Training focusing on meal times, including interviews with patients on an inpatient unit in a study entitled “All eyes are on you.” Consideration of parental modelling during mealtimes and what strategies can be applied when disordered eating develops. Afternoon sessions will focus on exercise, encompassing the LEAP programme and compulsive exercise. Download this programme

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Latest master class: lively debate during popular programme with Australian professor

The latest Master Class event with Professor Stephen Touyz produced lively, wide ranging debate throughout a very well received programme. Professor Touyz, who has written six books and published more than 300 papers, provided a comprehensive overview of key new research and invited participants to debate and appraise approaches to the treatment of patients with […]

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Please keep me updated of future Masterclass Events