Information for Parents

Welcome to this section of our website which is for parents, carers and other family members affected by or worried about eating disorders. Here, we aim to guide you through our website, highlighting information which may be particularly relevant to you. We recognise that eating disorders have a devastating impact on the whole family and parents, carers and the whole family need a range of good information and support.

If you are looking for information about eating disorders, our eating disorders help section has a wide range of factsheets developed by our experts including how do I know if my child has an eating disorder, my child has an eating disorder: how to get help, how eating disorders are diagnosed and detailed information about different types of eating disorders and related problems.

If you want to find out how we treat eating disorders at Newbridge House, The Newbridge Treatment Model describes all the different treatments, resources and support we provide and how they work together. The Newbridge Treatment Pathway shows the different stages through treatment to recovery and the quality assurance section provides the results of inspections, peer review and outcomes.

We support parents and carers in many different ways at Newbridge House. Family therapy is an integral part of eating disorders treatment in children and young people and key within the Newbridge Treatment Model. We also provide a programme for parents, there is a monthly parent and carers’ group and we provide continuous support in all aspects of parenting a child with an eating disorder.

In the reflections from parents you can read detailed, first-hand accounts from parents of young people who have been treated at Newbridge House, developed with the aim of helping others facing the same challenges.

We have produced a range of films:

How do I know if my child has an eating disorder?

Newbridge Medical Director, Professor Hubert Lacey answers the question: how do I know if my child has an eating disorder?

How do I get eating disorder treatment for my child?

Newbridge Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Tony Winston answers the question: how do I get eating disorders treatment for my child?

Someone said I was fat

This is a film made with young people treated at Newbridge House who describe how their eating disorders developed, how they reached an understanding of the illness and how treatment has enabled them to overcome anorexia and reach recovery. The film is being widely used in schools and in a teacher training programme developed at the University of Warwick.