Statement from Newbridge House on James Brindley School Ofsted report, February 2015

James Brindley School provides the education service for our patients throughout inpatient treatment at Newbridge House. School takes place every day within Newbridge House in a purpose-built classroom, led by James Brindley School teachers, who support each young person to follow the appropriate curriculum for their age, with close liaison with their home school or college.

We chose James Brindley School to deliver this service because of their specialist experience in providing education for young people with health or education needs who cannot attend mainstream school. We continue to have confidence in James Brindley School as the best provider of the school at Newbridge House.

As a provider of education in 14 different settings across Birmingham, James Brindley School has a very wide range of challenges to meet. Concerns in the Ofsted report about the overall attendance of pupils and safety of pupils when they are absent from James Brindley teaching centres are not applicable to our service, as patients are resident at Newbridge House throughout their treatment and supervised at all times.

The Ofsted report praises many aspects of the James Brindley School in hospital settings, such as Newbridge House. The report states:

  • The curriculum, particularly in the hospitals, is often carefully designed to meet pupils’ needs
  • At the hospitals, pupils of all ages show enormous resilience in the face of their illnesses. Many show great determination to attend their lessons and participate fully.
  • In the hospitals, good attention is paid to pupils’ wellbeing and safety. A supportive environment helps them to feel that they can keep learning during their stay.
  • In all the hospital centres, thoughtful teaching helps pupils to maintain a sense of normality and achievement during their stay. Staff plan carefully to meet the range of needs and cater well for the full range of ages and subjects.
  • The best teaching in the hospitals is highly innovative. Good links are made and maintained with pupils’ main schools, which allows their learning to be continued.

We remain wholly confident that the education service at Newbridge House supports young people to progress academically. Many young people have taken GCSEs at Newbridge House and achieved excellent results and every individual is supported to follow a programme which meets their academic and psychological needs.