Quality Review

What Being Part Of The Quality Review Network Means

Newbridge House is a member of the Quality Network for Inpatient Child and Adolescent Health Services (QNIC). This is a network of professionals from the UK and Republic and Ireland who work in services for young people with mental health difficulties.

Services are inspected by other professionals in the network in order to highlight any problems and to drive up standards. Our inspection in November 2011 was the second annual inspection of Newbridge House.

Findings from the review

A QNIC review is based on a day’s inspection carried out by professionals who speak to Newbridge House staff, parents and patients during that visit. The service is scored in four different areas. The results for Newbridge House are as follows:

  • Environment and Facilities: 96 per cent
  • Staffing and Training: 91 per cent
  • Access, Admission and Discharge: 98 per cent
  • Care and Treatment: 95 per cent
  • Information, Consent and Confidentiality: 98 per cent
  • Young People’s Rights and Safeguarding Children: 98 per cent
  • Clinical Governance: 97 per cent

Comments from young people at Newbridge House

“It is very homely, everyone is nice.”

“When I first came to the unit, there was a nice feeling and it felt like a proper home and the staff are really nice.”

Comments from parents of young people at Newbridge House

“The parenting group is brilliant.”

“The unit is more homely here than other units, it’s relaxed and inviting – I think the staff help in this respect.”

“I’m impressed with the staffing levels.”

Main strengths of the unit

  • Pleasant, clean, spacious, fit for purpose environment with wide range of facilities. Warm and homely feel to the unit, described by young people as a ‘home from home.’
  • Good nursing levels, good therapy services
  • Nurse consultant role offering liaison before, during and after admission and outreach
  • Young people and parents happy with quality of care and their engagement in the treatment process

Most important challenges for the future

  • Some of the showers did not function as well as others
  • It is important that the unit does not become too dependent upon the nurse consultant role
  • More activities during evening and weekends
  • More provision of humanities and languages in the school