Family Support

Supporting and working with families is at the centre of our eating disorder service. We recognise that in order to effectively treat eating disorders in children and young people, it is essential to harness all the resources of their family and support the family throughout the treatment process.

We understand that eating disorders have a devastating impact upon the whole family and we provide a variety of different types of support to meet the needs of the families we work with.

Family therapy

Family therapy is recognised as the core psychological treatment for children and adolescents with anorexia. At Newbridge House, an eating disorder clinic for young people, our family therapists are highly experienced and key members of our team of specialists.

We also run a programme for parents which is designed to address the daily challenges of an eating disorder with in a family, such as strategies for meal times. The programme is led and designed by our nurse consultant and incorporates comments and feedback from parents we have previously worked with.

Carer’s group

We have a long-established Carer’s Group which is attended by many parents of those currently in treatment and also parents whose child has been discharged, but for whom it is helpful to continue to link with Newbridge House and share experiences with other parents.

Reflections from parents and patients

In this section, we have published reflections from parents which provide detailed accounts from parents of young people who have been treated for anorexia at Newbridge House.