Medical Management

At Newbridge House, every patient is under the responsibility of a consultant psychiatrist, who continuously monitors their physical health, manages and evaluates the treatment plan.

This will include blood investigations, evaluation of physical risks, echo cardiogram and bone scans if required and regular medical reviews.  The consultant and a senior nurse led the multi-disciplinary team that assesses the treatment plan each week, sets weight restoration targets and assesses all aspects of psychological progress.

The consultant will also work closely with the young person’s home service (usually Community Adolescent Mental Health service, CAMHS), communicating regularly about the progress of treatment and continuously planning for discharge, ensuring there is a clear plan for discharge and services in place to provide the support required.

The consultants working at Newbridge House are all eating disorders specialists and have particular expertise in children and adolescents, autistic spectrum disorder and eating disorders, research and evaluation. Their biographies are listed here