Newbridge House School

Newbridge House provides a full educational programme to meet the distinct, individual needs of each patient. Our educational programme is provided by the James Brindley School, a specialist in the provision of education for young people with medical or psychological needs. The James Brindley School works with approximately 650 children and young people in many different hospitals and settings.

Teachers are highly experienced in working with young people with distinct needs and maintaining close links with pupils’ home schools.

What happens to education after admission to Newbridge House?

Educational needs are an important part of the detailed overall needs assessment which takes place before a young person is admitted to Newbridge House. Immediately after admission to Newbridge House, young people will follow the appropriate curriculum for their age, with close liaison with teachers at their home school or college.

Every individual is different. Many young people admitted to Newbridge House are high educational achievers and we are able to support them to maintain their studies and take examinations. Other young people may be quite unwell on admission, so educational needs are considered by the multi-disciplinary team, along with medical and psychological needs. They may need to begin with a lower amount of studying and build up gradually.

Young people very often enjoy their academic work because it provides a reassuring link back to ‘normality’ and is distinct from the focus upon eating disorders within the therapy programme.

How do young people study while they are at Newbridge House?

Educational sessions take place at Newbridge House five days a week, Monday to Friday. This provides the opportunity for the educational programme to take place, including preparing and taking exams, while also allowing time for the therapeutic programme. There is a large, purpose-designed school area a Newbridge House which was recently renovated to a high standard, including six new Apple Mac computers and three lap-top computers.

The James Brindley School has a team of 150 teachers, teaching assistants and administrators who are highly experienced in delivering a wide range of subjects up to GCSE and A Level. At least two teachers, supported by a teaching assistant and administrator, are based at Newbridge on a full-time basis. In addition to this core team, teachers with expertise in particular subjects are brought in as required according to the needs of pupils.

Can young people take exams while they are at Newbridge House?

Newbridge House is a registered exam centre. This means if your child has been registered for exams at their home school or college, they can take their exams at Newbridge as what is termed “transfer candidates.” It is very helpful because there is no need to return to the home school or college for exams and continuity is maintained.

The James Brindley School is very experienced in negotiating special access arrangements for young people with medical needs who are due to take examinations. These can include being allowed to take breaks when needed during an examination without being penalised. It can also include being given 25 per cent extra time to complete the paper.

Our commitment is to providing the support which is appropriate for each individual, taking into account their educational needs, psychological and medical well-being.

Links to home school or college

We communicate with each individual’s home school or college throughout their treatment. As part of planned transition from Newbridge House towards returning home, we will arrange for the young person to take part in lessons or lectures in their home school or college. Like home visits, the emphasis is upon starting slowly and building up gradually to longer sessions.