Individual Therapeutic Programme

Every young person at Newbridge House follows a programme of individual therapy, meeting a psychologist each week for one-to-one sessions. The programme of therapy is tailored to the needs and preferences of each young person: we have a clinical psychologist providing cognitive behavioural therapy for eating disorders. We also have a counselling psychologist providing a psychoanalytic psychotherapy approach.

Both are established, evidence based treatments for eating disorders. There is a benefit in having both approaches as this allows for treatment to be more personalised to suit needs. Assessments at admission will guide us in terms of which approach will be best for each individual. Individual preferences and age will also be taking into account.

The individual therapeutic programme is fully integrated within the Newbridge Treatment Model to ensure sessions build and reflect on all other aspects of treatment, including family therapy, the group programme, and occupational therapy. Each patient is under the care of a multi-disciplinary team, who evaluate all parts of the treatment programme, to ensure overall progress is supported and all aspects work together.